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What is Audience Authenticity?
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What is audience authenticity?

The audience authenticity score is based on the creator's audience profile and behavior, not necessarily the creator themselves. It’s calculated using an algorithm that is based on multiple factors, such as the follower account’s avatar and bio description, number of posts, number of followers vs. following ratio, and number of likes received vs. number of likes given ratio.

Typically, audience authenticity can be rated as "suspicious" due to the following reasons: 1) the influencer's audience is outside of the United States, 2) they travel a lot so it looks like the influencer is not US-based, 3) they have lower IG story impressions, and/or 4) engagement rate.

If a creator has lots of fake followers, it does not necessarily mean that the creator bought "likes". It just means that a large portion of their audience is coming from a suspicious place. There are lots of companies that are “cultivating” these fake accounts by liking lots of random accounts so they can use these accounts for other purpose. However, the creator has nothing to do with it.

With that said, if you work with a creator with a low authenticity score, it means that out of 100 likes they receive, only 40-60 likes will be from a real person. But it does not mean the creator is not “authentic” - it just means the creator has lots of fake followers for unknown reasons.

Audience authenticity rating is based on an algorithm that generates it, so manually vetting is still important and should ultimately be the basis of your decision. If you have looked at the creator's full social profile card and you still like the other metrics you see, we would recommend still working with them!

What does “Reviewed by the Aspire” mean?

When you see "Reviewed by Aspire", this means that a creator has been manually reviewed by our team and approved onto the platform. Since these influencers have already been reviewed by our team, we don't show their authenticity score again.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to [email protected] and we'd be happy to help. 😊

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