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What happens when I reject a member's application?
What happens when I reject a member's application?

This article explains what happens when a member’s application is rejected.

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You have the ability to approve or reject applications from your projects. Approved applicants will move into your project workflow, but what happens when members are rejected?

When you reject a member's application, they will be removed from your project. We will not send an automatic rejection email on your behalf. Feel free to compose a message before clicking "Reject" to let the member know why the collaboration isn't a good fit at this time.

📣 Pro Tip: Create a "rejection" email template so you can easily send this message to multiple applicants at one time.

Don’t worry! Rejected applicants will remain as contacts in your Members list. You can filter for these people by using "rejected = [name of project]" if you're interested in messaging them or inviting them to a different collaboration.

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