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Shopify Integration Overview
Shopify Integration Overview
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Our Shopify integration serves as a triple threat. By connecting your store, you'll unlock the ability to easily create gift orders, generate promo codes for your members, and identify top customers.

Product Fulfillment

Our Shopify Product Fulfillment integration allows you to easily create gift orders for one or multiple creators. Once you connect your Shopify store, we'll pull in your store's inventory so all you have to do is pick which products you want to send to your partners. See this article to learn more.

Promo Codes

Our Shopify Promo Code integration is an incredible tool for brands that want to expand their program beyond product gifting. These capabilities empower brands to track traffic and sales at a more specific level and offer additional incentives for ambassadors to post more, engage more, and be that brand voice for you.

On Aspire, you can bulk generate and easily manage promo codes (including updating expiration dates and changing the name of a code). See this article to learn more.

Shopify Data Integration

Our Shopify Data Integration allows you to identify top purchasers and influential customers. Once you connect your store, we will pull in the customer data from your Shopify store and integrate it with your member database. In addition, after the initial ingestion, the data will auto-sync every morning to ensure that the data is always up-to-date.

This feature provides a holistic view of a member/customer that integrates purchase, social, demographic, and other custom data fields. With the integrated data, you can identify key people to invite to a community based on your criteria or engage with a member based on their purchase amount. See this article to learn more.

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