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(Meta) Influencer Allowlisting Overview
(Meta) Influencer Allowlisting Overview

This article is a deep dive on how to use Instagram Influencer Allowlisting!

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Introducing (Meta) Influencer Allowlisting!

Allowlisting is the process of an influencer granting a brand partner advertising permissions to their social media accounts. This allows brands to use the influencer’s handles to boost posts and create ads. To learn more about allowlisting, check out this blog article here.

Our Allowlisting feature streamlines and simplifies this process by:

  • Allowing you to request advertiser access to social accounts directly in the collaboration brief

  • Automating the process of granting and revoking advertising access (no more back & forth or sending instructions!)

  • Providing you with a dashboard to view all of the creators who’ve granted you access and their respective access terms

  • Giving you full control of your media buys and boosting activities

What Allowlisting on Aspire DOES NOT do:

  • Execute on media buys on your behalf:

    • This tool only facilitates the process of granting and revoking advertiser access to a creator’s social accounts

    • The actual media buying process is conducted by you and/or your paid marketing team

  • Allow brands to run any type of content in the ads you create with the accounts:

    • You must reach a mutual agreement with the creator regarding the content you plan on running in the ads from their social accounts; this does not mean they need to greenlight every ad variation.

  • Guarantee minimum results or conversions:

    • Many factors can impact the results of your media buys and we cannot guarantee performance from any of the creators on the platform

How to Request Allowlisting Access

When proposing Brief, you'll have the option to:

  • Indicate whether the collab requires advertiser access by checking the box

  • Select the accounts you want access to

  • Set the access term dates. The recommended term length is 1 month minimum. (We also suggest the Allowlisting start date be set 2 weeks away from the date of sending the collaboration briefs in order to provide creators with time to troubleshoot the connection)

Guide to Advertiser Access Briefs

How much should I pay creators for access?

You are not required to pay creators for access but it is not unlikely to encounter creators who will not agree to briefs without compensation for access. It is up to you to negotiate payment terms with the creator.

What does it mean to have a mutual agreement for the type of content being run from creator accounts?

This does NOT mean you need to get approval for every ad variation you need to run. This language means you and the creator should come to a verbal agreement when it comes to the general direction of the content and copy you’re planning on running in the ads.

Do these briefs give me the right to use the creators’ followers for targeting?

The level of access you’re given to a creator’s social accounts will allow you to use their followers/engagers to create audiences.

What am I able to do with the level of access I’m given to the creator’s accounts?

Create ads using their accounts, boost existing posts, and create audiences from people who’ve interacted/follow their accounts.

The Collaboration Flow

Similar to Instagram Insights, the creator must authorize their social accounts with Aspire for us to manage advertiser permissions. When you request advertiser access, they'll see a button to "Grant Access" within their collaboration briefs.

Advertiser Access Dashboard

Easily see all of the creators who have granted you access and their respective access terms. Please note that any previous advertising relationships you had with creators before using Aspire will not show up here. Go to Reporting > Ads Permissions

Granting Access in Facebook

  • Go to Business Settings > Pages in your Business Manager

  • Access to Instagram accounts is given through the connected Facebook Page (you will not see the account under “Instagram Accounts”)

  • Assign the page to the person creating the ads

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Go to your Facebook Business Settings.

Go to Business Assets, then Pages. You will see a list of all the creator's Facebook pages that you have advertiser access to (Instagram access is given through their Facebook page):

This is where you click to give access to someone to create ads with this Facebook page. Make sure to toggle the permissions to create ads (it isn't toggled by default):

Creating Ads

  • Select the desired creator page under the “Identity” section when creating ads

  • Access to an Instagram account is given through the connected Facebook Page

Boosting Posts

A ‘Boosted’ Post is the same as any other Facebook Ad. It uses a post that already exists as the content of the ad. You can boost BOTH Instagram and Facebook posts directly from the Creator’s Facebook Page. The creator MUST have an Instagram BUSINESS ACCOUNT.

For detailed steps, please see this article.

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