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How to Implement Sales Pixel in Google Tag Manager
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General Instructions:

  • You will need to implement a tag for conversions (sales numbers).


  1. Create a Trigger in Google Tag Manager for the page on which the Conversion should be fired. Navigate to Triggers, then click "New".

    Trigger Type: Page View

    Page URL (contains): Some specific value from URL of Conversion / Thank you page.

  2. Create User-Defined Variables.

    Create your Data Layer Variable (in this case "amount") to pass through Sale Amount, which will be implemented on the Conversion page to pass different values in Conversion Pixels.

  3. Create a Tag by copying your Aspire sales pixel.

    Tag Type : Custom HTML

    HTML :

    <!-- Offer Conversion: Blade+ -->
    <img src="<{{amount}>}" width="1" height="1" />
    <!-- // End Offer Conversion -->

  4. Implement on the Conversion page.

    Since the above example is based on a dataLayer variable, please add the following before the Google Tag on the Conversion Page.

    dataLayer = [{amount: '1.1'}];

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