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How to turn over your project to your teammate?
How to turn over your project to your teammate?

This article explains how you can hand over your projects and member communications to your teammate.

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As your brand and influencer campaigns continue to grow, your team might go through some changes with regards to roles and management. Whether to divide tasks and responsibilities with other team members or completely transfer your projects and member communications to a new teammate, there are a few processes that need to be done for a smoother transition.

Here are some key actions you can take during your transition:

  1. Update your project’s owner so new members added will be assigned to your teammate.

    Just go to your Project Settings, scroll down to Project Owner then click on the pencil icon. Choose your teammate as the new owner and click Save.

  2. Add your teammate’s email address in all ongoing communications with members.

    Since we follow the rules of email in Elevate, we recommend adding your teammate as recipient in your emails to include them in the email thread even outside of the platform.

    💡 The new owner/teammate will still see the latest conversation/email in any Member Profile.

  3. Re-assign emails in your inbox to your teammate.

    This way, all incoming emails will start coming in their ‘You’ inbox. They will also receive notifications on to-do items associated with those emails.

  4. Re-assign all member profiles to your teammate.

    It's also ideal to re-assign your teammate as owner of all member profiles. This guarantees that anything that happens with those members will get assigned to your teammate. This is also to ensure that relationship owners always have full visibility over their important relationships. Just go to your member’s profile and click on the pencil icon beside ‘Owner’ under their name.

    📣 Pro tip: You can bulk re-assign them by exporting your member profiles with the Owner column, update the Owner column to be the new owner's email address and import. As long as you don't delete the uid column, this won't make a duplicate and just update the owner info!

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