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How do payments work on Aspire?
How do payments work on Aspire?
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One of the best benefits for our Aspire community is that we never take a pay cut or any percentage made from creators. They will receive 100% of the amount agreed upon.

When it is time for a creator to be paid, they will move into the "Send Payment" stage of your project workflow. From here, you can click the Send Payment button to start the payment process for the creator. This will charge your card on file or deduct funds from your account balance. After processing, the payment will be sent directly to the creator's PayPal. For more information on how to send payments, please see this article.

In order to send payments on the platform, you must add a credit card or have sufficient funds in your account balance.

To add a credit card, please click on your initials in the top right corner, then select Workspace Settings > Payments > Add a Card. Please note that there is a Payment Processing Fee per each transaction. To see the current fees, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I click "Send Payment?"

Once you submit a payment, our accounting team will process the request and send it directly to the creator's PayPal address and it will be processed within 3 business days.

If the member does not have PayPal address on file, Aspire will send the creator an email with the subject line: "[Action Required] Claim your payment from {brand}".

If the member provides their PayPal address, their payment will move from "Pending Info" to "Processing". Please note that it will not move to "Processing" immediately, it may take up to 24 hours for this to happen. Once the payment has been sent, the status will change to "Paid".

If the member has not provided a PayPal address, they will periodically receive an email from Aspire asking them to claim their payment every 2 weeks from when the payment was sent. While this is happening, the payment will be in "Pending Info" status.

Will creators incur a fee via PayPal?

Nope! They will receive 100% of the agreed upon amount 😊

How do I ask for creators' PayPal information?

We recommend adding "PayPal Address" on your application page form as a required question for paid campaigns. Another option is to add the "PayPal Address" field to your Info Update Request when collecting their shipping address within your project workflow.

Do we need to provide creators with a 1099 Form?

No. Since all payments are done through a third party, PayPal will have records of the creator's 1099 and tax documents.

How do payments work for international creators?

At this time, we only support payments in USD $. However, if you're processing payments on the platform, we'll send the payment through PayPal and they will automatically convert it to the local currency for that specific creator.

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