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What's new at Aspire: June 2022
What's new at Aspire: June 2022
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Limit Promo Codes to New Customers

When creating a new promo code offer, you can now limit your promo codes to first time customers only. Simply check the box that says "Limit usage to new customers only."

Applicants Tab

We added a search box to the Applicants tab within your projects to make it easier to find specific applicants.

In addition, you will now see a column for "Applicant Source". This lets you know where the application came from.

  • Marketplace - from Aspire's Creator Marketplace

  • Invited - creators invited from Creator Search

  • Organic - creators that applied directly from the application page link (i.e. they were not invited and did not apply via Marketplace)

  • Recommended - creators recommended by the Aspire team

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