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How to archive projects

This article explains how to archive a project in Aspire

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Aspire has a feature that allows brands to archive old and/or inactive projects! 😊

Archiving a project allows you to:

  • Continued scaling: Keep on scaling your marketing programs through new projects while still meeting your account’s project caps.

  • Improved organization: Stay organized within Aspire by simplifying project management on the home page and across Elevate since archived projects will be hidden from the default view.

And you get these benefits while still maintaining access to all the data and insights from archived projects. 🎉

📌Important note: There isn't currently a way to unarchive your project, so please make sure to only archive projects that you do not intend to continue using in future.

How to archive a project

  1. Go to your project settings.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click Archive Projects.

  3. You will receive a pop up message asking you to confirm that you would like to archive this project. Click on Archive to proceed. You will receive a success message, as well as a pop up that provides you with the details of the archiving of the project.

How to view archived projects

To view archived projects, go to the home page, scroll to the projects section, click on the drop down menu and select Archived Projects.

💡 Note: While you're still able to access your project data if a project is archived, you will not be able to add new members to a project once it has been archived.

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