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Social Search Changes

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Aspire proactively audits to meet ever-changing regulations. As a result, we’ve made several changes to our search functionality. We removed the ability to search via Lookalikes, Mentions, and Topics on Instagram.

As a reminder, here are a few additional unique ways Aspire helps you find high-quality creators for your campaigns:

Why can’t I see audience insights for some creators?

We are a premier Meta partner, and we receive creator data directly through Meta’s APIs or when creators sign up through our Creator Marketplace. We display rich audience insights and demographics for creators who have authorized their insights with Aspire.

What is the Social Profile Audience Data Update timeframe?

The Social Profile Audience data will display the last 30 days of data for creators who have authorized their Instagram Insights with Aspire.

If it is showing Estimated Data, this will be lifetime data vs 30 days. This will be for all non-authenticated social accounts.

For more information on Meta’s privacy policies, click here.

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