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Impact Value Dashboard
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Overview of the Impact Dashboard & Snapshot

The Impact Dashboard gives a comprehensive picture of how marketing campaigns perform across the entire funnel. You can now cut data according to different variables, and view a report on data easily and effectively.

Performance Impact Snapshot

On the homepage, you have snapshots of your last 6 months and month-over-month trends on data based on all four funnels that generate value. These four funnels are Content, Impressions, Engagement, and Sales. This page is linked to a detailed summary through the Reporting tab under Impact Dashboard.

Impact Dashboard

Impact Dashboard provides a more in-depth graph and breakdown for each of the four sections in the funnel on how to generate more impact. This can be accessed through the Reporting tab!


Impacted Value

Total Impacted Value = [(Content Value + Awareness Value + Engagement Value + Sales) - Cost] / Cost

Content Value

Total Content Value = Sum(# of Content * Content Value)

Each content created will have the following values based on type:

  • Image (License Limited, Broad, Custom): $125

  • Image (No License): $0

  • Short Video (License Limited, Broad, Custom): $1,000

  • Short Video (No License): $0

  • Long Video (Youtube)(License Limited, Broad, Custom): $5,000

  • Long Video (Youtube) (No License): $0

Awareness Value

Total Awareness Value = Total (Impression, Reach) X Value




Impressions (Reach) = $0.003

Views = $0.05

Views = $0.007

Views = $0.007

Engagement Value

Total Engagement Value = Total (clicks, comments, etc.) X Value





Likes = $0.15

Comments = $1

Likes = $0.15

Comments = $1

Clicks = $3

Saves = $3

Closeups = $0.05

Likes = $0.05

Comments = $0.05

Shares = $0.05

Sales Value

Sales are calculated based on the current sales data we have in our Sales Tracking dashboard.

Investment Value

Investment is calculated based on product costs, payment sent, and commissions paid through Sales Tracking. Keep in mind that commission payments won’t show if filtered by projects because the payments are not assigned to a project.


What is Impact Value?

Impact Value is the return on your influencer marketing investment. This is calculated by adding the values for Content, Impressions, Engagement, and Sales across all creators you are working with within Aspire as part of a project or outside of the project, subtracting that by the cost, and then dividing that total by the cost to get the final value.

Do we consider the content value for any content type?

We will use the dollar value for broad, broad limited, and custom. If a term has content with no licensing, we consider the content value as $0. When we look at the data in impact reporting, these values will be attributed to the day the content was created.

E.g. If a piece of content has broad limited access of 1 year, then the value would be $x if the date filter is within that period. If the content license for your date filter is expired, the value would be zero.

Can we filter Performance Impact on the Homepage?

No, the homepage currently shows last 6 months data. To filter based on date or project, you can go to the Impact Dashboard Page.

How are the trends on the Performance Impact Snapshot determined?

The trend shows the monthly change from the previous 2 full months.

E.g. if it is Nov 22nd today, it will show a percent change from Sep to Oct.

How are the trends in Impact Dashboard determined?

This is adjusted based on the data filter in the top right corner. The trend shows the change from the previous period set in the date filter.

E.g. “Last week” would show the change from last week and the week before. If “Last Month,” it would show the change from the last month and the month before that.

What date filters and trends are available in the impact dashboard?

  • All-Time: Compares last two full months. E.g. if it is Nov 22nd today, it shows a percent change from Sep to Oct.

  • This week: This week to date (Mon - today), compared to the last whole week.

  • Last week: Last full week, compared to the week before that.

  • Last Month: Last full month, compared to the month before that.

  • Month to Date: Month to date, compared to last full month. E.g. on Nov 11, it would compare Oct 1 - 31 to Nov 1 - 11.

  • Last Quarter: Last full quarter, compared to the quarter before that.

  • Last 6 Months: Last 6 full months, compared to 6 full months before that.

  • Year to Date: Year to date, compared to last full year.

Why do the same date filters on Impact Dashboard and Social Analytics show different data?

The Impact Dashboard uses a different kind of date filter compared to Social Analytics. When you change the date filter in Social Analytics, that is filtering by the date the social post was posted. In Impact Dashboard, you are filtering by the “insight date” - this is the date that data was updated in Aspire.

Will the Product Cost setting apply to products that have been shipped?

When you set up your Product cost configuration for the first time, it will apply to all the products, including the ones that have already been shipped. But if you decide to set it again to a different configuration, the update will only affect new orders.

What is the reason for the variances in reporting for Instagram content?

You may notice fluctuations in the data displayed for the “Awareness” values in your Impact dashboard due to creators authorizing Insights access or revoking Insights access with Aspire.

Similarly, you might notice some variations in the metrics when comparing them with Instagram’s native reporting.

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