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Recommended Payments
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What are Recommended Payments?

A recommended payment is the suggested payment amount for a creator that is calculated using Aspire’s proprietary pricing algorithm and is expected to be inline with the market value of a creator and more likely to produce a win-win outcome for both brands and creators.

Where do I find Recommended Payments in Aspire?

Brands can view Recommended Payments in the ‘Review and Set Offers’ step of sending briefs to the creator. A project must have the ‘Send Briefs’ stage to view Recommended Payments.

How is the recommended payment calculated?

Aspire payment recommendations for creators are generated using a proprietary algorithm that takes multiple factors into account to create realistic pricing suggestions. We use a combination of historical collaboration data, a creator’s unique channel metrics, and other data to determine what an average CPE for each type of deliverable for a creator should be. We regularly update our recommended payments to stay aligned with the market and to ensure that we are fair to both brands and creators.

Are there any channels or post types that are not supported in Recommended Payments?

Yes, we do not support Instagram Reels, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest at this time.

Why is the recommended payment column blank for certain members?

There are two reasons that recommended payments may be blank for certain members.

  1. The content types requested from these members are either Instagram Reels, Snapchat, Twitter, or Pinterest, all of which are not supported at this time.

  2. The members were added to Aspire in the past 24 hours. Our payment pricing algorithm runs on a daily basis and may not have payment information for the first 24 hours after a member is added.

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