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Gorgias Integration Overview
Gorgias Integration Overview
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You can now sync creator contacts over to your Gorgias’ customer support account. This makes it easier for your support team to get involved and have access to who they are speaking to.

For example, let’s say you have a group of brand ambassadors you're working with in Aspire and have shipped products to them, but one of your ambassadors needs support. With the integration, you can push them to Gorgias for a live chat and SMS support if needed to get the VIP treatment.

How to Connect your Gorgias

  1. Hover over your initials in the top right corner and select Integration Settings. On the right side click on Gorgias.

  2. Export all members in projects and groups to a list in Gorgias by clicking Run.

  3. The first time you click Run, Aspire will prompt you to authenticate your Gorgias account.

  4. Follow the instructions on how to find the account subdomain needed to activate the integration.

  5. Click Finish Installation and you’ve completed the integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a piece of information is changed within Aspire, will this change in Gorgias?

Yes, if a field of information is changed or updated in Aspire, then that information will be updated in Gorgias. The fields that are pushed from Aspire to Gorgias are:

  • Aspire Ambassador (This is marked yes/no if the member is in a group or project in Aspire.)

  • Instagram followers

  • Pinterest followers

  • TikTok followers

  • YouTube subscribers

How does Gorgias know when to update its information from Aspire?

Information is updated when the Install button is pushed within your Aspire account.

If a member is removed from a group or project, is their information removed from Gorgias?

Information will not be removed from Gorgias. We understand that you may still want that information for support, even if you’re not working with the creator anymore.

What is the difference between the Run and Install buttons?

Run is clicked to import members while Install is clicked to ensure the data stays updated.

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