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How to use “Quick Filters” when reviewing applicants
How to use “Quick Filters” when reviewing applicants
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When reviewing your applicants for a project you will be able to select from 3 preset “quick filters” to get started. This will allow you to quickly view and approve the applicants you are most interested in reviewing first. The filters you can select from are “Invited”, “Aspire’s Pick”, and “Applied Date > 14 days”. Below are additional details about each filter.

  • Invited: These are the creators that you have invited and have applied. This includes the creators you have invited through the Creator Search application as well as the Chrome Extension.

  • Aspire’s Pick: These are creators that Aspire has invited specifically to your program based on their interests/industry and your campaign requirements. These invitations could come via our add-on sourcing services, CSM support, and/or other then-current creator programs.

  • Applied Date > 14 days: These are the creators who applied and have been waiting for over 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to add filters on top of one of these quick filters?

Yes, you can add additional filters on top of one of the quick filters. An example of this could be “Applied Date > 14 days” with an Instagram Engagement rate of > 3%.

Can I adjust the number of days since a creator has applied from 14 days to something else?

Yes, you can create your own filter using the “Date Applied” field and type in the number of days you are interested in filtering for.

What does the field “Applicant Source” mean?

This tells you where this creator came from and how they landed on your application page. This includes Aspire’s Pick, Organic, Invited, Marketplace, and Other.

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