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Instagram Direct Messaging (IGDM) Overview
Instagram Direct Messaging (IGDM) Overview

An overview of our Instagram Direct Messaging Integration with Meta

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We know that finding the right set of creators for your brand and getting them to accept your campaign invitations can often be challenging.

To solve this problem, we built a new Instagram Direct Messaging (IGDM) integration alongside our partners at Meta to help you find creators more easily on the Instagram Creator Marketplace and directly invite them to your Aspire projects.

💡 We expect that creators are 3x more likely to respond to invitations sent via Instagram Direct Messaging in contrast to those sent via emails.

Specifically, the new IGDM integration will allow you to:

  • Discover creators who are on Instagram’s creator marketplace and bulk invite them to your projects in Aspire.

  • View and respond to subsequent messages related to your project directly from your Instagram Direct Message Inbox within Aspire. These messages will also show up in a separate folder called ‘Partnership messages’ on your and the creator’s Instagram account.

  • Get an estimation of impressions and engagements for Instagram stories for all creators including those who haven’t authenticated their insights or don’t have a professional Instagram account.

🚫 Please note, brands that have age limits for their customers (e.g. financial services, alcohol, etc) will not be eligible for the Instagram Creator Marketplace.

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