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Instagram Direct Message Inbox
Instagram Direct Message Inbox

An overview of your Instagram Direct Message Inbox on Aspire

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Within your Aspire Inbox, you’ll see a tab on the left-hand side with your brand’s Instagram handle. This inbox will show your conversations related to the project invitation and other direct messages from the creator (including story mentions) that are not related to the project invitation as two separate threads.

Project Invitations

You can view and respond to messages related to your project directly from your Instagram Direct Message Inbox within Aspire. These messages will also show up in a separate folder called ‘Partnership messages’ on your and the creator’s Instagram account.

Story Mentions

Within your Instagram Direct Message Inbox on Aspire, you’ll also receive notifications when creators mention or tag you in an Instagram Story. You’ll be able to easily send them a message in response. These notifications and messages will show up as non-partnership messages on Instagram.

You’ll also receive an estimation of impressions and engagements for Instagram Stories for all creators, including those who haven’t authenticated their Insights or don’t have a professional Instagram account.

Shared Inboxes

If you have a shared email connected, all DMs and notifications will still show up in the IGDM section as a separate folder, even if they’re assigned to a team member.

Once you assign a DM or notification to a team member, it will move into the “Assigned to Me” tab within their Inbox as well. If a member has already been assigned an “owner”, their DMs and story mentions will be automatically assigned to that owner.

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