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Instagram Direct Messaging FAQs
Instagram Direct Messaging FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Instagram Direct Messaging integration

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General FAQs

Can all brands send invitations to creators using IGDM?

Instagram's creator marketplace is currently available on an invite-only basis to US brands (e.g. they have a physical store or office location). Meta is unable to onboard brands selling goods and/or services prohibited or restricted per their branded content policies. Examples of verticals that are included in this are financial and insurance products, alcohol, tobacco, healthcare, and subscription services.

How do we capture the email from the creator to do bulk operations within Projects?

We recommend that you request their email address as a mandatory field on the application page.

Do we support bulk operations within Projects using DM?

We only support bulk invitations through Creator Search and the Members page. Other bulk operations within projects are not supported through IGDM at this time.

Integration Settings

Does the IGDM integration benefit a brand that is not eligible for Instagram’s Creator Marketplace?

Yes. Brands can still use the IGDM integration to respond to non-partnership messages and receive estimated story metrics from any creator.

Do I need to do anything to use IGDM if my Instagram account is already connected with Aspire?

Yes. If your Instagram account is already connected to Aspire, you will need to go through the connection process again to enable IGDM permissions. Please see here.

Can I connect multiple Instagram accounts for Direct Messaging?

No. You can only connect one Instagram account for Direct Messaging.

Can I connect the same Instagram account for Direct Messaging across my different Aspire accounts?

No. Today, we do not support connecting the same Instagram account for Direct Messaging (or the same email id) across different Aspire accounts.

How to Search and Invite Creators

Can the project invite template for IGDMs be customized?

Yes. You will have the ability to customize the invite template for each project in their Workspace Settings under Message Templates.

What happens when a creator accepts a project invitation via DM?

Once they submit an application, they will move into the “Applicants” tab of your project. You will be able to view the applicants coming through IGDM by using ‘Applicant Source’ = IGDM as a filter.

Instagram Direct Messaging Inbox

Will all users have access to the DM inbox?

Yes. While the eligibility criteria to the Creator Marketplace (and the corresponding ability to send invitations via IGDM) are managed by Meta, any user can use IGDM to respond to non-partnership messages and receive story listening insights.

Will Direct Messages and Story Mentions be visible on member profiles?

Yes, all direct messages and Story mentions will show up as member activity on their profile.

Why do I sometimes see two conversation threads between my account and a creator?

Conversations that were initiated through project invitations are displayed in a separate thread on your Aspire inbox and in the ‘Partnership messages’ folder on your Instagram app. If you communicate with the creator outside the project invitation thread, that conversation will show up as a second thread.

Is there a way to DM a creator without sending a project invitation?

Yes. You can respond to a non-partnership conversation with any Instagram creator (who is also a member), as long as there is already a thread going.

If you haven't had any previous DM history with the creator, you won't be able to start one in Aspire unless it's a project invite (to a creator in the Instagram Creator Marketplace) at this time.

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