When you are ready to move forward with hand influencer you are going to want to propose terms to them and kick off the negotiation process.

To propose a digital term sheet with a creator click go to the Manage tab -> click into the relationship with the creator -> 

and the finally click Propose Terms.  


You will then select what type of content you wish to receive from the creator and start creating the Collaboration Terms. You can request as many or as few pieces of content as you want, from Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Youtube videos, or just additional content for your marketing team to use and repurpose across your various channels. 

Collaboration Terms are all of the guidelines the creator must follow in order to post content for your brand. Your brand will create its own guidelines based off of what your brand wants out of the campaign. This will include content concepts, talking points, post instructions, deadline, payment, etc - as specified when you initially created your campaign.


If you do not wish to work with this creator now, but possibly in the future, click "Save For Later."  (Read more about that here)

As you scroll down the Collaboration Terms page you can check or uncheck a box to decide whether the “Content must be submitted for review before being posted.” You can read more about the content review tool here.


Now that you know exactly what type of content you want the influencer to create, specify how much you will pay the creator in the Payment section (although it is highly recommended to pay all creators per collaboration, if you are not planning on paying this creator, specify that this creator will be paid $0). 

Last but not least, specify the permissions you are requesting from the content the influencer is creating for your brand so that your marketing team has the ability to repurpose the content. For permissions you can either switch between the language provided by AspireIQ, or you can add in your own language for the content repurposing rights. 


After your brand has gone through all the Collaboration Terms you wish to set, Click "Propose Terms" at the very bottom of the page, and a personal message with your brands exact Collaboration Terms will be sent to the creator.

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