Using the "Search" tool within "Connect" gives your brand access to the entire Aspire database.  Within "Search" we provide you with a variety of filters that will allow you to find the set of creators that best fit the needs of your campaign.

Basic Filters

With basic filters you can filter creators by keywords (used in their account), range of followers, range of likes per post, and filter out creators that have already been invited.  In addition, you can filter creators based on the types of posts they've published by using "tags" to look for posts in specific categories (ie. health, beauty, pets, etc.).  Lastly, you can look for a specific creator by entering their user name directly into the search bar.

Image Search

With image search, you upload or drag and drop any image and search for creators that have posted content that has the same look and feel as the image provided.

Creator Demographics

Using our Creator Demographic filters, you can search for creators based on their age, gender, and location (City, Country). Be aware that if a creator has left the country field blank in their profile and you are searching for a specific location, the creator will not be returned in the search.

Audience Demographics

Using our Audience Demographic filter, you can search for creators based on the age, gender, and location (country, region) of their followers.  For each filter, simply choose the value and the percentage of followers you want to have that value.  

Once you have selected the fields that best suit your search queries, click "Apply Search & Filters" and all the influencer accounts that match to the set filters will be available to you.

Aspire's Connect search is a powerful tool that will allow you to easily find creators that you want to work with in your campaigns.  Enjoy!

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