We have a set of social media requirements for creators to collaborate with brands on our platform.

For Instagram: You must have at least 2,500 followers, a minimum of 50 posts, and an average of 400 engagements or more per post for your last 50 posts. 

For YouTube: You must have at least 3,000 subscribers, a minimum of 20 videos posted, and an average of 2,500 views per video

For Blogs: You must have page traffic of at least 3,000 views per month, a minimum of 10 blog posts, and 1,000 or more followers.  

We also do an extensive content review whenever a creator joins our platform or adds a new social account in order to determine the percentage of legitimate followers, the likes to comment ratio, and whether or not the posts are re-purposed. 

If you meet our minimum requirements but were not approved or cannot view campaigns, it is possible that your content does not align with the current campaign opportunities on our platform. Please note that while AspireIQ has requirements for creators to join our platform, brands are also able to set their own requirements, which may be different from or stricter than ours.

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