If you are not ready to move forward with an influencer or already know they aren’t the right fit, you have 3 options:

Dismiss - If you know you won’t be working with an influencer on the campaign they applied to, but you might still want to work with them in the future, use the Dismiss option. Dismissing a creator sends a polite note to the influencer letting them know you won’t be moving forward on this campaign.

Move to Trash - If an influencer is not right for your brand overall, move them to the trash. This will snooze new notifications or messages. and prevent their new proposals from displaying to you. It will also move their relationship thread with you to your trash bucket.

Save for Later - If you may want to work with a creator on your campaign but you are not ready to move forward yet, you can Save them For Later. This will keep their proposal active but move them out of your new proposals bucket. You can then go back and send them terms when you are ready.

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