Below is a list of recommended Collaboration Terms to write for your creator!

Terms for Youtube campaigns

  • Integration/mention video must be at least 2-3 min long (approx 6 mins for dedicated videos)
  • For this mentioned video, be sure that no more than 2 other products are talked about in the video.
  • Insert our link or our coupon code in your description. Link must be clickable and inserted “above the fold” (do not insert link under the “read more” section).
  • Make sure to mention that our product is high quality but still affordable (use your own personal style so that this does not look scripted)
  • Must be a permanent post

Terms for Instagram Campaign

  • Product must be predominantly featured in image
  • Must tag product in their picture with @BrandsInstagram
  • Permanent Post
  • Must tag @BrandsAccount in description and use #InsertYourBrandsHashtag
  • Must post photo at 9am on 5/27
  • Include CREATOR20 coupon code, and tell your followers they can use it to get 20% off products in our store
  • Brand has permission to repurpose content
  • Must be a high quality image
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