Sales Tracking is a way for your brand to tangibly track the results for each of your social media influencers. Sales Tracking generates personal coupon codes and/or personalized links for each of your creators. For every customer that uses each personalized coupon codes/links, you will be able to track the number of sales that each of your creators are generating for your brand.


You'll simply need to add the following HTML code for a tracking pixel on your order confirmation page

<img src="">

You can also add two optional query parameters for better tracking:

order_amount will let us sum up the total sales by creator instead of just the count

discount_code used to track if a customer used a coupon code tied to a content creator

If multiple discount codes are used, you can include the discount_code query parameter multiple times. As a full example for an order with value $15.50 and the codes CODE1 and CODE2:

<img src="">

Once you add the tracking pixel, you'll be able to send links/coupon codes to the creator through our conversion tracking tool.

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