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What's New At Aspire: April 2023
What's New At Aspire: April 2023

Looking for ways to do more with less - save time, drive more sales, and find new creators faster? Check out these new features.

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📸 Tap into the Power of Instagram DM for Seamless Communication

Aspire was selected by Instagram to help unlock a new destination for brands and creators to connect and form branded content partnerships! Access to this API enables Instagram DM for improved creator discovery and communication.

Build Affiliate Campaigns Around a Product Launch ✨

Aspire now gives you the ability to include deep links in Sales Tracking Links, meaning influencers can direct their audience to specific products or pages that are the most relevant to their niche.

With this new feature, you can personalize your affiliate marketing campaigns for each creator to resonate with their audience and drive sales.

We're excited to show you what the next few weeks have in store! Log in to your account below to see these new features in action, or email [email protected] for additional support.

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