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Custom Templates in Briefs
Custom Templates in Briefs

You can now customize the email template for sending briefs

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We understand that sending briefs is a pivotal stage in the campaign. That said, you can now customize and save the briefs email template, which will allow to save time for more high-value work. You can edit and save the briefs email template by project so when you are ready to send out briefs you can simply assign the deliverables and send out your briefs email template without having to always update this each time you send briefs.
The terms tab will be visible when:

1. A project is created with the briefs stage

2. The Briefs stage is added to a project

3. Any project that already has a briefs stage. If the briefs stage is deleted or is not present the tab will not be visible.

You can access the briefs template by:

  1. Going into Project Settings > Then, Clicking Briefs at the top

2. Within these settings you can choose to use either Flexible Briefs or Standard Briefs. In this case, for Standard Briefs you'll be able to edit the following sections of your template:

i. Compensation (Note: You can still customize payment when in the send briefs process)

ii. Content Usage Rights

iii. Email Template

In addition to the Project settings page, you can also view and update the Briefs email template via Workspace Settings:

1. Go to your initials at the top right and click on "Workspace Settings"
2. You will then want to select the "Message Template" on the right-hand side

3. Then, you will need to find the template with the title "Terms Template for 'Campaign Name'"

4. Once edits are made you will hit "Save" to ensure your changes have been saved and you are ready to send briefs.

Here is a video detailing the process below:


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