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Guide to Usage Limits in Aspire
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Where do I find my usage limits and how do I track them?

To view your usage limits, click on your initials on the top right corner of the screen, select “My Account”, and then click “Plan Details” on the left.

On that screen, you should see the usage limits specified in your contract as well as your current usage. The number on the left is your current usage, while the number on the right is your usage limit.

What counts as an active project?

Projects that are not archived are counted as an active project. That said, once you’re done working on a project, we suggest archiving it so it will no longer count as active and you can create new projects. Here’s a guide on how to archive your project!

What counts as an active collaboration?

All unique creators within the “In Progress” section of all projects within an account are counted as an active collaboration. This means all creators that you have added directly to a project or creators whose applications you approved, who are not in the “Completed” section yet, are counted as active. In the event that a creator is in multiple projects, they will count as 1 active collaboration.

How do I upgrade my usage limits?

When you’ve reached your limit and you try to create a new project or add new members to the project, you will see a pop-up prompting you to view your plan details.

If you click “View Plan Details”, it will take you to Account Settings > Plan Details, where a you can click the blue “Contact Us to Upgrade” button. Once you click the button, our team will receive the alert and someone will be in touch with you in regards to your upgrade request.

If you haven’t reached your usage limits yet but want to upgrade your account, please reach out to your Account Executive. If you’re unsure who your Account Executive is, please do not hesitate to write in to our Support Team and we’d be happy to direct you to the correct person. 😊

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