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Best Practices for Inviting Influencers
Best Practices for Inviting Influencers
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Through Aspire, there are multiple ways in which you can source influencers for your program. We recommend that you cast a wide net to gauge interest from the community, then filter down once you have a sizable group of influencers in your queue. It’s worth noting that program sizes vary - some brands want hundreds of influencers, others only need about a dozen, so keep your own goals in mind when inviting people to your program!

The first step to finding influencer partners is to create a compelling application page. Here are some tips for how to craft the best application page:

  • Be extremely clear with your offering - highlight what products are available, the value of the products, any sort of monetary compensation, as well as other perks of the program (exclusive newsletters, first access to new products, events, etc)

  • Lead with brand values and any points of differentiation. What makes your brand different? What are your values and why are you looking to influencers to bring these values to life?

  • Leverage community-driven content throughout the application page

For more tips on the application page, click here.

Once you have your application page created, there are 3 main ways for you to source creators:

  1. Creator Search: Use relevant keywords to search our database of influencers and invite them to sign up for your program via the application page.

    • To maximize the likelihood of generating a response, consider customizing your outreach email that will go along with the application page. Make it personal, explain who you are as a brand and why you are excited about building a community of creators.

  2. Marketplace: Publish your application page to our growing community of influencers

    • Make sure that your application page is clear, creative, and concise to maximize the likelihood of influencer sign ups

  3. Owned Promotion: Take your application page and share it with your existing community of customers, social media followers, and directly with anyone who expresses interest in working with you!

    • Your best advocates will be those who are already familiar with your brand, so we encourage our clients to share the program application page on social media, in an email to existing customers, and 1:1 with any influencers who want to work with you or who you find organically and would like to work with.

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