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TikTok Branded Content

This article explains how to request for TikTok Branded Content on Aspire

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What is TikTok Branded Content?

TikTok defines Branded Content as "content that promotes a brand, product, or service on TikTok in exchange for payment or any other incentive". This includes content where the creator received free products, payment, or commission to post about a brand's product or service.

Aspire helps brands find the right influencers for their TikTok campaigns and with our new TikTok integration, you can easily request Branded Content when sending briefs to creators. ✨

Why use Branded Content?

As a best practice, we recommend keeping the Branded Content checkbox selected when sending briefs and requesting TikTok deliverables from creators. This ensures that creators are transparent about the type of content they're posting and helps build trust between TikTok users and brands. It also allows you to more easily use their content for TikTok Spark Ads.

Sending Branded Content Briefs via Aspire

When sending briefs and requesting a TikTok deliverable, the Branded Content option will be selected by default. This will require creators to turn on the content disclosure setting when posting their content on TikTok, which will add a "Paid Partnership" label to their video description, informing viewers that this is a piece of Branded Content.

It is important to note that all Branded Content is reviewed by the TikTok moderation team to ensure it meets TikTok's Branded Content Policy. Posts that do not pass moderation may be removed from TikTok. In addition, Branded Content that is posted without the proper disclosures may not be eligible for TikTok's For You feed.

Posting Branded Content on TikTok

When creators post Branded Content on TikTok, we will automatically upload the post to Aspire, assign it to the appropriate project for reporting, and mark that content deliverable as complete, as long as the post did not require content approval.

For more information on how content assignment works for TikTok Branded Content, please see this article.

If a creator is using their mobile device and has not posted their TikTok content yet, they can upload their video by clicking the "campaign link" within their briefs.

Once redirected to TikTok, the creator must tap “More options” on the Post screen, then select “Branded Content" and turn the toggle to “On.” TikTok Marketplace creators can simply click on “Branded Content” while on the Post screen.

When creators upload their Branded Content to Aspire, we will check that it is properly linked to the campaign code/invite link that was provided to the creator in their briefs.

A detailed guide for creators can be found here: Creating Branded Content On Tiktok

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations to the number of deliverables that can be requested for TikTok Branded Content?

At this time, TikTok is only being able to support 10 posts per TCM Order. This means only 10 Tiktok branded content deliverables can be requested within Briefs at this time.

What type of music can creators use for Branded Content?

Creators posting Branded Content are only allowed to use sounds from the TikTok Commercial Music Library. All Commercial Sounds in the CML are pre-cleared for commercial use on the TikTok platform, so TikTok users don't have to go through the lengthy process of obtaining licenses on their own. Read more here.

When should creators use TikTok's Commercial Music Library?

Creators should use the Commercial Music Library for Branded Content or content for their own commercial purposes.

How can creators access TikTok's Commercial Music Library?

  1. Click on the shooting page - the plus sign + at the bottom of the profile screen.

  2. Once on the shooting page, click on the sound button at the top center of your screen.

  3. Once you land on the Add Sound page, click on the header to switch to the Commercial Music Library, where all the songs (including songs within playlists) have commercial music rights.

  4. You can also use the Commercial Music Library while editing your TikTok videos.

  5. After you are done creating branded content, you can switch back to the General Music Library.

Can creators turn an existing post into Branded Content?

Yes, they can make an existing post into Branded Content by following these steps:

  1. Go to the post

  2. Click the three dots

  3. Click Ad Settings

  4. Enable the Branded Content Toggle

  5. Select the campaign or enter the campaign code

Can we request TikTok Branded Content outside of briefs?

Not at this time.

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