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What's New At Aspire: May 2023
What's New At Aspire: May 2023

Looking for ways to do more with less - save time, drive more sales, and find new creators faster? Check out these new features.

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Spin Up Campaigns Faster with Templates ✏️

Customize and save preferences for emails, compensation, and content usage rights for a project, so you can get terms out the door fast.

πŸ’Œ Declutter Your Inbox

We've moved app notifications from the inbox into a separate folder where you can manage notifications for Terms, Content, Contracts, Payment, Sales Tracking, Social Post, Info Update, and Shopify - separately from the inbox. with creators

This is one of our first steps in massively decluttering your inbox and improving the communication experience!

Seamlessly Create Application Pages Quickly πŸ“

Easy application pages templates for when you need to get a campaign off the ground ASAP.

Increased Visibility for Teams πŸ”Ž

For brands that operate at scale and with multiple teammates, a new Owners column in projects quickly gives visibility into who owns a particular relationship.

Improved Creator Search 🌎

We’ve improved Creator Search filters to let you find creators, tag members, and add them to groups faster. You can now also upload large CSVs in a fraction of the time.

We're so excited to see what the next few weeks have in store!

Log in to your account below to see these new features in action, or email [email protected] for additional support.

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