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How to Generate Custom Deep Links for a Brand on Aspire’s Creator Portal
How to Generate Custom Deep Links for a Brand on Aspire’s Creator Portal

Easily generate multiple deep links to promote brands you’re collaborating with

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What Are Deep Links?

Deep links are the common term for URLs that link directly to specific web pages, such as a product page, rather than a general landing page. For example:

When collaborating with a brand, you may want to direct your audience to specific pages or products on their website based on the content you're creating and what you're promoting. You can easily do this by creating custom deep links through your Creator Portal!

How to Generate Custom Deep Links

Once a brand generates a tracking link and shares it with you, you’ll be able to view your link and create additional deep links for that brand through your Creator Portal.

1) Log in to your Creator Portal and select the project you wish to create deep links for. Under Tasks, click “View Sales Link”.

Alternatively, you can visit your Affiliate Performance Dashboard through the direct link you received from the brand (if applicable).

2) Click "Add" under Custom Deep Links in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

3) Enter a label name for the link to easily identify each deep link, then copy & paste the URL of the brand’s webpage you wish to redirect your audience to and enter the URL where it says "Deep Link Url".

💡 Important: The Deep Link URL must begin with the same domain as the original link the brand provided you. For example, you will not be able to enter here if your original link is redirecting to

4) Click “Generate Link”.

A shortened deep link will be created with the label name you entered. You can copy the deep links you’ve created or easily share them on social media by using the network icons.

You can also edit or delete custom deep links at any time.

  • To delete a custom link, click on the trash can icon.

  • To edit a custom link, click on the pencil icon.

Check out this video for a walkthrough!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum limit to the number of custom deep links that can be generated?

There is no limit, you may generate as many custom deep links as you desire.

What happens if I edit a custom deep link?

If you edit a custom deep link and replace it with a new URL, we will update the Full Link but keep the Short Link as it is. This means if you've already shared the deep link on social, you do not have to replace the link with a new one -- the Short Link will update to redirect to the new URL you entered.

What happens if I delete a custom deep link, but somebody attempts to click on the link?

If you delete a custom deep link and somebody attempts to click on it, the link will still be valid and redirect them to the webpage.

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