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TikTok Mention Listening
TikTok Mention Listening

Monitor and identify TikTok caption mentions and Branded Content Posts from your members

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Aspire's TikTok Mention Listening feature enables you to capture organic caption mentions and Branded Content posts from your members. By integrating with TikTok, we’re able to pull performance data directly into our platform so you can measure your campaign’s performance more accurately.

How it Works

Before you start using TikTok Mention Listening, you need to authenticate your brand's TikTok account on Aspire.


  1. Log into Aspire and click on your initials in the top right corner

  2. Select "Integration Settings"

  3. Click on the TikTok tab under Integrations

  4. Click “Add TikTok Account”

  5. Confirm the proper TikTok account is selected, then click "Authorize"

You can add multiple TikTok accounts to your Aspire account, as well as add or remove them at any time.

Once authorized, all captured data will be shown in your Social Analytics and Impact Dashboard.

✅ What We Capture:

  1. Caption @ mentions from members in your account

  2. Posts that have the Paid Partnership Label (Branded Content Posts)

❌ What we CANNOT Capture:

  1. Sticker Tag Mentions

  2. Text Tagged Mentions (added after video creation and before uploading to TikTok)

  3. Mentions using the "Tag people" option when uploading to TikTok

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for TikTok Mentions to appear in Social Analytics?

Mentions will come in when the creator’s TikTok account has been updated in our system, which occurs at varying time intervals depending on the creator’s account type and post frequency.

How many Branded Content Posts can be pulled into the platform per creator?

When a creator posts Branded Content on TikTok, they will most likely use a special invite link that you send them through Terms. This link is valid for up to 10 posts.

What happens if a creator posts additional content to TikTok beyond what was specified in their terms?

If a creator posts extra content beyond what was agreed in their Terms using the same TikTok upload link, we will capture that content and display it in the Social Analytics and Impact Dashboard as long as this doesn’t exceed more than 10 posts.

Can I see these TikTok Posts under the Recruit tab > @ Mentions?

No, as of right now our @ Mentions page under Recruit only supports Instagram posts at this time and does not display TikTok content. You can find TikTok Mention Listening posts in your Social Analytics and Impact Dashboard.

If a post is Branded Content, does the creator also need to upload it in Aspire?

The creator will need to upload their live post if they are using caption mentions. For Branded Content posts, the creator does not need to upload their live post. Both the brand and the creator will receive a notification that their post has been automatically uploaded and assigned to that content deliverable.

If a Branded Content post requires content approval, the creator will be required to upload their live post through their Terms.

What happens if someone who is not a "member" mentions our brand on TikTok?

We will not add them to your member database or capture either their caption or branded content mentions.

Can a creator use a TikTok campaign code that is not assigned to them?

No, each campaign code is unique to the creator's TikTok account. If another creator attempts to use a campaign code that has not been assigned to them, they will be blocked by TikTok.

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