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Special Terms and Conditions in the collaboration briefs
Special Terms and Conditions in the collaboration briefs

This is an overview of the special terms and conditions that brands can add in their collaboration briefs

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What are Special Terms and Conditions?

These are a Terms of Service style agreement where creators Check and Agree to a standard set of language in addition to their collaboration briefs. This is great to use when you have mostly boilerplate language that creators need to agree to in addition to their briefs.

How to set up Special Terms and Conditions

  1. Create a PDF contract that is standardized for all creators.

  2. Reach out to your CSM or send it to [email protected].

  3. Wait for confirmation that this has been added to your account.

  4. Test it out by sending terms to yourself as a test member.


  • The special terms and conditions will not show up when you are in the process of sending the briefs - only for the creator when agreeing and on the final agreement.

  • This does not work well if anything needs to be changed on the contract per influencer (their name, the deliverables etc)

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