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What are my commission payout options?
What are my commission payout options?

How can we calculate payout for affiliate tracking links and promo codes?

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Aspire offers 4 payout or payment structures, which are set at the "Offer" level. This part of the offer describes how advertising results are paid for.

Please note, we do not currently support conversion management. If you’re providing your members with a link and promo code, you’ll want to make sure the commission is applied to only one offer, and not both, in order to avoid paying out double commissions.

Payout Options

  • Cost per Click (CPC): Flat amount earned per unique click (i.e. $0.05 per click). Only available for Link Offers.

  • Cost per conversion (CPA): Flat amount earned per successful conversion (i.e. $1 per conversion)

  • Commission per sale (CPS): Percentage amount earned of total sales from conversions (i.e. 10% commission per sale)

  • Cost per Conversion plus Cost per sale (CPA + CPS): Both of the above combined. This is common when brands want to pay for conversions and treat sales commission as a bonus.

📌 Important Note: If you're not planning to offer a commission to your members at this time, you can select Commission per Sale (CPS) and set it to 0%.

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