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How to create a new project

The article explains how to create a project and customize it to your specific needs.

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What is a Project?

Think of projects as campaigns. Each project will have its own customizable workflow and custom, branded application page. You can edit the workflow stages to suit your campaign structure and automate your most time-consuming tasks, such as sending collaboration terms, collecting shipping information, creating gift orders, and more.

You can tailor your projects based on seasonal campaigns, product launches, or the types of influencers you want to partner with. For example, you could have one project for your influencers and another project for your ambassadors.

How do I create a new project?

  1. Click on Projects at the top, then select "Create New Project".

  2. Select from one of our pre-made templates or create a Custom Project.

  3. Give your project a name, purpose, image, and owner. Please note, that the project name will be visible to creators, but the purpose and image are for internal use only.

  4. If you are not offering compensation to creators in the form of payment for posts or commissions, make sure to put a checkmark in the "Mark as unpaid offer" box.

  5. Add or remove stages as desired, then move them around to whatever aligns with what you want to accomplish.

    📣 Pro tip: Have a workflow stage that isn’t listed here? No worries! Create any stage you need with Custom Stages. Just click Add Stage> Custom Stage and give it a name.

  6. Once your project is set up, it's time to build your application page and publish it in our Creator Marketplace!

Here's a quick video for your reference:

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