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How do I track App Installs via Adjust?
How do I track App Installs via Adjust?

Tracking an in-app event via Adjust using universal links

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Step 1: Configure App Install Tracking

If you do not wish to use a universal link, you can skip to Step 2.

To use this integration, you do not need to enable anything in either platform. The integration is automatically ready to use, just simply follow the steps below.

Create a universal link

Raw universal links with an Adjust tracker appended are the standard format of our universal links. They are short, tidy, and work in web campaigns.

A raw universal link without a tracker appended will only work for users with iOS 9+ and who already have your app installed.

Note: iOS does not allow redirects to universal links outside of Safari. This means wrapping your universal link in another URL won't work. If you wish to wrap your universal links, use our JSR solution.

To set up your universal link, you can use Adjust's Deeplink Generator. This saves time and prevents errors. You can find the Deeplink Generator in your Adjust dashboard by selecting Menu > Deeplink Generator.

If you want to manually set up your universal link, follow these steps.

In the Adjust dashboard:

  1. Find your app and select your app's options caret (^)

  2. Select All Settings > (Settings) Platforms > Universal Linking

  3. Copy your Raw Universal Link

  4. Find or create a tracker URL to use

  5. Copy your tracker token

  1. Add https:// to your raw universal link

  2. Add a ? and append your tracker token to the URL with the adjust_t parameter

  3. Add your in-app path (if applicable)

  4. Add any other Adjust parameters (if applicable)

Well done! Your universal link is ready to use.

Step 2: Set up in-app tracking

1. Go to the Adjust dashboard for your mobile app and select TUNE from the Network list in Manage Network Trackers tab.

2. Give this tracker a name and click Create.

3. You now have a tracking link ready to use.

4. Customize your Adjust tracking link by inserting your Aspire tracking domain ( into the Adjust tracking link where it says

Then, enter the type of payout (CPI, CPC, or CPM) where it says ENTER_COST_TYPE. Below is an example of an Adjust tracking link with the necessary inputs highlighted.{offer_name}&adgroup={affiliate_name}&creative={file_name}&idfa={ios_ifa}&gps_adid={google_aid}&android_id={google_aid}&campaign_id={offer_id}&creative_id={file_id}&affiliate_id={aff_id}&impression_id={transaction_id}&subpublisher_id={aff_sub}

5. Copy the completed Adjust tracking link and paste it into your Aspire Link Tracking Offer under Offer URL Tracking. Make sure the Conversion Tracking method is set to "Server Postback w/Transaction ID".

6. You’re all done! Share this offer with your partners, and traffic will be directed to the Adjust link to measure installs for your mobile app.

Configure In-App Event Tracking (Optional)

For proper measurement of in-app events, you need to ensure your Adjust tracking link contains your postback URL directly in the tracking link itself. To configure the integration for in-app events, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Adjust dashboard and create a tracking link as described above in steps 1 – 3 and copy it.

  2. Go to You can use this link creator to easily create your In-App Event Tracking link.

  3. Paste the Adjust tracking link into the first section titled Enter Your Links.

4. Scroll down to the end of section 2 titled “Your Callbacks” to the area for inputting an Event Callback. In the Token field, insert the event token from your Adjust dashboard that corresponds with the applicable event. In the Callback field, insert the applicable TUNE Event Postback URL. Repeat this for each event you will like to track.

5. Retrieve your customized Adjust tracking link in section 4 titled “Generated URLs”.

Here is an example of the Adjust tracking link configured for In-App Events:{offer_name}&adgroup={affiliate_name}&creative={file_name}&idfa={ios_ifa}&gps_adid={google_aid}&android_id={google_aid}&campaign_id={offer_id}&creative_id={file_id}&affiliate_id={aff_id}&impression_id={transaction_id}&subpublisher_id={aff_sub}&{transaction_id}

6. Copy the completed Adjust tracking link and paste it into your Aspire Link Tracking Offer under Offer URL Tracking.

7. You’re all done! Share this Offer with your partners, and traffic will be directed to the Adjust link to measure re-engagement for your mobile app.

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