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Promo Codes Overview

How to use our Shopify integration to generate promo codes

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Shopify Promo Code Integration

Our Shopify Promo Code integration is an incredible tool for brands that want to expand their program beyond product gifting. These capabilities empower brands to track traffic and sales at a more specific level and offer additional incentives for ambassadors to post more, engage more, and be that brand voice for you.

Most affiliate platforms today require you to manually generate promo codes one by one and upload a CSV to their platform to track redemptions and sales.

On Aspire, you can bulk generate and easily manage codes (including updating expiration dates and changing the name of a code). For example, you can generate 50 promo codes at once with the logic "{NAME}SUMMER15" or "{IG handle}" because this Promo Code functionality lives atop our robust customer management system.

In addition, you can bulk email these codes out and see sales roll in. Unlike other platforms that require you to place a conversion pixel to track a coupon code redemption, Aspire does not. After you link your Shopify account to Aspire, you do not need to do anything else to track the sales; we will pull from Shopify when promo codes are redeemed.

Now, you never need to ask for a Shopify login or interface with your store administrator to create, edit and expire promo codes! Some users tell us they spend 5-8 hours a week managing codes in a spreadsheet. Slash that to minutes per week!

How it Works

Create new affiliate offers and generate promo codes to track sales directly from Shopify without the need for further technical implementation.

You will set the Commission & payout options, Promo Code Naming Strategy

Choose the Discount type and value, and the Purchase type

Ability to set usage limits and purchase restrictions, as needed.

Easily select which members you would like to create custom promo codes for.

With our bulk email feature, you can easily share out all these new promo codes to your members so they can start posting immediately.

Now you have the ability to create, manage and make bulk payments for your affiliate links and promo codes.

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