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How do I track App Installs via Appsflyer?
How do I track App Installs via Appsflyer?

Accurately measure and track a mobile app conversion via AppsFlyer integration

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Step 1: Enable the Integration

  1. Log in to your AppsFlyer dashboard for your app and navigate to Configuration > Integrated Partners.

  2. Enter “TUNE” in the search field and click Edit to open TUNE’s configuration window. TUNE is an Aspire vendor.

  3. Toggle the Activate Partner switch to activate TUNE as a partner. The toggle must be left on for as long as you would like to use this integration.

  4. Type in "aspireiq" in the Custom_TUNE_tracking_domain field. This is referred to as the networkid.

  5. Click Save Integration.

Step 2: Generate an Attribution Link

  1. Click the Attribution Link tab to open it.

  2. Confirm the Click-Through Lookback Window is set to your desired length (the default is 7 days).

  3. Click the Copy button in the Click Attribution Link field to copy it to the clipboard.

Step 3: Create a Link Tracking Offer in Aspire

View our tutorial on how to "Create an Offer" here.

  1. Click Reporting > Sales Tracking

  2. Click Add Offer > Link Tracking Offer

  3. Enter a Name and Description

  4. Select your Conversion Type and Payout Options

  5. Select “Server Postback w/ Transaction ID” from the Conversion Tracking dropdown.

  6. Paste your attribution link under Offer URL Tracking

  7. Click Create Offer and you're done! Now all you have to do is generate links for your partners and track the conversions.

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