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Affiliate Performance Dashboard FAQs
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Does an affiliate member need to create an account to join?

The affiliate will not need to create an account to be able to access the dashboard. All they need to do is click on the link to their member dashboard, and they can access their data on that specific offer. If an affiliate is a part of multiple offers, they will be issued one dashboard link per offer to track their performance on all of those offers.

What metrics are shown in the member's dashboard?

Today, creators can see Conversions, Sales Generated, Commission Earned, Total Paid to Date, Processing Payments, and Current Amount Due.

How often is the data in the member dashboard updated?

Data is updated on an hourly basis.

Will historical data from before this feature was released be included in the data that members see?

Yes, members should see all conversions and payments data related to their performance on an offer no matter how long ago it was created on Aspire.

How do you track sales? What is the difference between pixel & server postback tracking?

We use pixel tracking, also called “cookie-based tracking” or “client-side tracking”. This method of tracking conversions uses the user’s browser rather than the advertiser’s server.

Server postback tracking, also called “postback tracking” and “server-side tracking”, is the method of tracking conversions that uses the advertiser’s server rather than the user’s browser.

This article provides a more detailed comparison of sales tracking methods.

Are there any cookie limitations?

Unfortunately, browser cookie tracking is not 100% foolproof. It is commonly used because it's accessible and normally captures most purchases. However, the cookie can be lost if the following happen:

  • The customer clears their browser cookie, thus deleting it.

  • The customer moves across browsers. For example, if they start the purchase in Google Chrome but finish in Safari.

  • The customer moves from mobile to web, or vice versa, from click to purchase.

  • The customer purchases after 30 days from their link click. The 30-day period is the cookie expiration date.

  • The customer has cookie blockers enabled.

How do creators get paid out?

You can pay creators' commission via Aspire through PayPal. Check out our article on how to process offer payout here.

What is a standard commission rate?

This would depend on your overall marketing budget, profit margins, plans for future products, and other factors. Typically, we see a commission structure between 10-30%, but that can vary depending on your business.

Can you send promo codes/links with no commission rate attached?

If you're not planning to offer commission at this time, you can select Commission per Sale (CPS) under Payout Options, and set Payout per Sale to 0%.

How do you know which creators to add to an affiliate program — how can you tell a creator is going to drive sales?

There is no guaranteed way to know who will drive sales without testing out and working with a creator. This article shares some handy tips on how to get started with affiliate marketing with influencers.

How do you encourage creators to post?

The best way to get creators to post about your brand is by building a trusted relationship with them and by offering strong incentives in exchange for their time and effort. Read this blog for more info.

Can this be integrated with my existing affiliate platform?

No, but this tool can help you take advantage of our affiliate search, workflow, and CRM tools.

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