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What is the Affiliate Performance Dashboard?
What is the Affiliate Performance Dashboard?
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We recently launched a new feature that allows affiliates to track their promo code or link performance through our web dashboard! 🎉

In this dashboard, an affiliate can:

  • Find and copy the personal promo code or link associated with an offer

  • Review the commission structure for the offer

  • Check on the conversions they’ve driven and their expected commission

  • Review payments that the brand has made to them

💡 Important note: Each link is unique to the member and to the offer they are a part of. This means that if a member has been added to 3 different offers, they will have 3 different unique links to access performance for each individual offer.

How to distribute dashboard links to new members

When a brand generates links/codes to members in a project using one of our sales tracking stages, the unique dashboard link for that member is automatically generated.

To send the dashboard link along with the promo code and/or tracking link, go to the "Send" step of the Sales Tracking worklet, select members, and click on the "Send Sales Tracking Items" button:

This will open up a drawer with a pre-generated email that includes the dashboard link to the member:

From here, all you need to do is customize the email (if you want) and click Send to get both the link/code and dashboard link to the member!

How to distribute dashboard links to existing offer members

The best way to distribute dashboard links to the existing members in your offer is to use the “Email Members” functionality in the Sales Tracking App. Follow these steps for each active offer that you have.

Click on the three-dot button menu and select “Email Members” to automatically trigger an email that will be sent to everyone in the offer. We encourage you to do this one time to capture everyone existing in the offer, and then you could send links to new members using the project workflow.

Edit the pre-generated email to reflect whatever message you want to send to the members in the offer. The pre-generated email is more of a welcome message right now, so we suggest adjusting the language so that it’s more related to sending your members their own personal dashboard links.

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