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Sales Tracking FAQs

Common questions about sales tracking, links, and promo codes

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Promo Codes

Are promo codes automatically added to our Shopify store?

Yes! Once you generate promo codes for members in an offer, you will see their codes in your “Discounts” tab on Shopify. The codes will be located under the "Promo Code Group Name" you entered when creating the offer.

Here's an example of what you'll see in Shopify, using the name "Example Offer".

Whenever you generate new codes for this offer, you will see a new row in this table for Shopify (with the same group name). The reason for this is that Aspire gives you the flexibility to use different dates whenever you generate codes within an offer, but Shopify has a limitation where it cannot group discounts if they have different dates.

In the following screenshot, you see two of these groups (“discount codes” in Shopify terminology) because promo codes were generated 2 times for this offer.

When you click into one of these groups (“discount codes”), you will see that Shopify shows you that this was created by the AspireIQ app. You can also tell in the above screenshot that an App created these, but Shopify does not show which app.

If you click on “View all codes”, you will then see the codes that have been generated for the members in this “grouping”. Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to see all of the codes on Shopify in one page for your Aspire Sales Tracking offer, but this is a Shopify limitation because they don’t provide any way to view promo codes in this way.

We recommend using the Sales Tracking App to keep track of all the promo codes you have created. Another thing to note is that if a promo code changed in the Shopify admin pages, that change will not be reflected in Aspire.

Is there a way to change the name of a promo code we already generated?

Yes! Go to your Sales Tracking dashboard under Reporting, click on the offer, select the member(s) you wish to edit codes for, then click Manage Offers, then select "Refresh Promo Codes.

Enter the desired promo code where it says "Type code here" and continue with the prompts.

How can I set an expiration date for our promo codes?

You can set an End Date for your promo code offer within the offer Settings.

Go to the Promo Code offer, select the Gear Icon on the upper right, then select the "Set End Date" toggle button, then choose an end date, and select Update Offer.

How can I adjust the discount/commission percentage and usage limits for our codes?

You can update the discount percentage, commission value type and usage limits of your codes in the offer settings.

Go to your offer, then select the gear icon.

The discount percentage can be updated under Discount Type and Value

The commission percentage can be set up and updated under Manage Payouts along with creating payout value types.

The usage limits can be updated under additional settings.

Is there a way to limit promo code usage to new customers only?

Yes! When creating your promo code offer, you'll need to click on the checkbox for "Limit usage to new customers only" under Usage Limits. You can also add this to a specific collection:

I'm trying to create a promo code in Aspire that already exists in Shopify. How can I re-create this code in Aspire?

The existing code will need to be deleted in Shopify first, then you can re-create it in Aspire.

Is it possible to automatically apply a discount code upon checkout when somebody clicks on an affiliate’s link?

We don't currently support the ability to auto-append discount codes upon checkout.

Is there a way to set the currency for coupon codes to a different currency instead of US Dollars?

We only support USD at this time.

We currently have 2 Shopify stores -- our main store where our web orders feed into and a dev store that we use for cashless orders (influencer, press, etc.). Will the promo codes only work on the store we integrated with Aspire?

That's correct! The promo codes will only work on the Shopify store that is connected to Aspire. We recommend using your main store that people check out with, and finding a way to reconcile your influencer orders internally.

What can we do to minimize promo code abuse / codes getting leaked on coupon sites?

Here are some tips to decrease promo code abuse:

  1. Make your promo codes time-bound by limiting the expiration date (i.e. use code JESSICA15 for $15 off your purchase through May 10th).

  2. Limit the number of times each code can be used. This will minimize the damage done if a code ends up getting leaked.

  3. Monitor code usage by routinely checking your Sales Tracking dashboard for any suspicious activity and be sure to deactivate codes that have been compromised.

Tracking Links

How can I deactivate a member's tracking link?

You can deactivate a member's tracking link in three ways: within Sales Tracking, within a Project, and/or within the creator's member profile.

More information here.

Can we add UTM tracking parameters to our sales tracking links?

We only support offer-level UTMs at this time, so we recommend using parameters such as "campaign" and "source". If you have the additional UTM parameters ready, you can add them to the end of the URL when creating your sales offer. Afterward, the unique links that Aspire generates for your creators will redirect to that specific URL (including the additional UTM parameters that you have set up).

You can also use deep links to add creator-specific UTMs.

How can I edit the expiration date for my tracking links?

To edit the expiration date, go to your Sales Tracking dashboard under Reporting, select the offer, then click the gear icon next to Payment Overview. On this page, scroll to the bottom and edit the expiration date. Then, click "Update Offer".

Is there a way to pause our link tracking offer?

Yes! Go to your Sales Tracking dashboard under Reporting, select the offer, then click the gear icon next to Payment Overview. Scroll until you see Offer Status and change it from "Active" to "Paused". Then, click "Update Offer".

How can I test a sales tracking link to make sure it's working before giving it out to creators?

We recommend placing a test order to confirm that your conversion tracking has been implemented properly. See this Help Article for step-by-step directions on how to create a test link and place an order.

Can we edit our link tracking offer after it's been set up?

You can edit the Offer Name, Offer Description, Expiration date, Payout tiers, and Status at any time. Once you start generating links for members, you won't be able to edit the conversion type and payout type for your offer settings. If you need to provide your members with a different conversion and payout type, you'll need to create a new offer and generate new links.

Is it possible to set up an offer that provides 10% commission on one product, and 20% on other products?

Unfortunately, offering different payouts for different products within a single affiliate link isn't something that Aspire supports just yet.

Why aren't we seeing any conversions in our Sales Tracking dashboard?

If you're using pixel tracking, we recommend ensuring that your pixel has been correctly implemented by placing a test order. If you have already confirmed that your pixel is working properly and you're still not seeing any conversions coming through, there are a few reasons why this might be happening.

Recent changes to third-party cookies have affected the ability to track and attribute links with the highest level of accuracy. If you’re using a pixel as your conversion tracking method, the cookie can be lost if one of the following happens:

  • The customer clears their browser cookie, thus deleting it.

  • The customer moves across browsers. For example, if they start the purchase in Google Chrome but finish in Safari.

  • The customer moves from mobile to web, or vice versa, from click to purchase.

  • The customer purchases after 30 days from their link click. The 30-day period is the cookie expiration date.

  • The customer has cookie blockers enabled.

Our recommendation is to use pixel tracking as little as possible, as pixel tracking only works for non-mobile web traffic where cookies can be stored. Additionally, major browsers like Safari are moving away from allowing tracking-related cookies even for first parties. See our Comparison of Sale Tracking Methods to learn more.

Commission Payments

Are commission payments automatically paid out?

Commission payments will not be automatically processed. You have the option to pay out commissions on whatever cadence works best for your team!

How do I send a commission payout?

All commission payments will be managed through your Sales Tracking dashboard under Reporting. From here, you can click "Payment Overview" in the top-right corner to see all of the commission payments due for all your sales tracking offers. Alternatively, you can click into an individual offer, then select "Payment Overview" to see the commission payments due for that specific offer. See this Help Article for more information.

Does Aspire remedy any order cancellations or returns?

We don’t currently support conversion management, which means that commission payouts will include all orders, including cancellations and returns.

How do we set up a commission to only pay through the link or code? I don’t want influencers to get paid a double commission.

We recommend applying the commission to either the code or link. Until we support conversion management, we are unable to prevent duplicate commissions.

How can we generate promo codes or links with no commission?

When creating your offer, you can set up a payout value type with no commission by selecting "Commission per Sale (CPS)" and enter 0 for the payout per sale %.

We sent a commission payment to a creator through their member profile, but our Sales Tracking dashboard is still showing we owe payment to this creator.

Payments sent within your project workflow or from the member’s profile will not be reflected in your Sales Tracking dashboard. All commission payments must be sent by going to Reporting > Sales Tracking > Payment Overview.

Are we able to adjust our commission settings to exclude taxes and shipping/delivery charges?

For promo codes, there isn't a way to exclude taxes or delivery fees at this time. We calculate the commission payment based on the total order cost.

For tracking links, you can edit your sales pixel or Javascript snippet to capture the subtotal amount instead. An example value for Shopify brands would be {{ line_items_subtotal_price | money_without_currency }}.

If you're using Server Postback as your conversion tracking method, your team will need to pass through the subtotal amount.

Conversion Tracking

If two partners refer a sale, who gets the credit?

Our tracking system is designed to use the “last-click” tracking method. The last partner to refer a user to the conversion page will receive the conversion credit.

What is the default attribution window?

The default attribution window is 28 days. This is the same for any conversion tracking method used.

Misc. FAQs

We previously used another software for our affiliate program. Can we transfer our existing promo codes and/or links to Aspire?

We don't have a formal process to transition your current promo codes or links into Aspire at this time. However, you can delete your existing codes/links in your current affiliate software, then re-create them in our Sales Tracking dashboard. An additional step would be to export the data and upload it to your Aspire member database so you have historical sales and relationship data.

Is there fraud prevention?

Yes, Aspire offers fraud prevention on clicks, powered by Fraudlogix. Please read this blog post by Fraudlogix to see how fraud is identified and blocked.

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