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Testing Javascript Postback Tracking

How to test your implementation of Javascript Postback Tracking

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The steps below will guide you through the process of completing a test purchase to ensure that the Javascript Postback has been implemented properly.

1. Locate your Offer ID.

Go to Reporting > Sales Tracking, then select your offer. Hover over the "i" icon and click “Instructions” to locate your offer ID.

Next, copy the ID after "offer_id" in the postback URL.

2. Create a test link.

To create a test link, copy your Offer ID from above and paste it into the URL below where it says "OFFER ID".

3. Click on your test link and complete a purchase on your site.

Add an item to your cart and fill out your billing and shipping information, then complete the purchase. We recommend testing without using a discount code to ensure the order amount is being passed through properly.

4. Reach out to confirm that your purchase was captured and tracked.

Once you reach the order confirmation page, please reach out to our Support Team at [email protected] or email your CSM/Implementation Manager, and provide us with your Offer ID and the order amount.

Please note, this test conversion will not appear in your Sales Tracking dashboard. We will check if the conversion came through on our end, then let you know if it was successful or not.

Once confirmed, your offer is ready to track traffic and conversions driven by your creators! 🎉

Why might your test fail?

When testing Javascript SDK, a unique transaction id is generated based on:

  • IP Address - unique to your computer (can use VPN to change this)

  • Date

  • Offer ID

  • User-Agent - browser (can switch browsers to change this)

This means if you try and click on an affiliate link (or test link) and none of the above has changed, you will get the same transaction ID. If you have already had a conversion with that transaction ID, you will not be able to test again as the conversion will be considered a duplicate due to the same transaction id. We recommend changing browsers, using a VPN to change your IP Address, or waiting until the next day before testing again.

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