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Shopify Promo Code Offer Enhancements
Shopify Promo Code Offer Enhancements

Introducing a new setup flow and additional features for Shopify Promo Code Offers

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Weโ€™re excited to introduce a series of new features for Shopify Promo Code Offers within Sales Tracking. As a part of this update, we are releasing the following enhancements:

  • Prefix & Suffix Support + Special Characters: You can now add a prefix, suffix, or both to your promo code naming strategy when setting up an offer. In addition, we now support adding dashes (-) and underscores (_) to promo code names.

  • Subscription Support: If your Shopify store has a subscription SKU, we now support the ability to generate promo codes for subscriptions. This update will also provide additional settings for subscription products, as well as support for Recharge customers using Shopify's checkout.

  • Updated Settings Page: The settings page for creating and editing a Promo Code Offer has been revamped to make it easier and simpler to set up an offer. These changes will help you better segment the different aspects of your offer, such as Payouts, Naming, Discounts, etc.

  • Offer Level Edits: You now have more flexibility to make edits at the offer level, even if you have previously added members to an offer. This impacts all existing offers and allows you to easily make global changes for the entire offer.

  • Unified or Custom Active Dates: When setting up an offer, you'll now be able to choose between unified or custom active dates for your promo codes.

    • If you select unified dates, then all the promo codes within the offer will be grouped under one discount group within Shopify and share the same active dates.

    • If you select to customize the dates per code, then each promo code within the offer will be assigned to an individual discount group in Shopify. This allows you to easily search by promo code names within your Shopify admin.

๐Ÿ“ฃ Important: New Promo Code Offers will automatically include these new features. For existing Promo Code Offers, you must upgrade from the legacy version to the new version by following the steps in this article.

Keep reading to learn more about each of these improvements! ๐Ÿ‘€

Prefix & Suffix Support + Special Characters

Within Aspire, you have always been able to control how promo code names were auto-generated for your members. The Promo Code naming options included First Name, Last Name, Full Name, or Instagram Handle, all with an optional Suffix.

Now, you have more control over the naming strategy for your promo codes with options for both Prefixes and Suffixes, as well as support for special characters, including dashes (-) and underscores (_).

Shopify Subscription Support

With this update, we now support subscription products to be included in Promo Code offers. When creating an offer, you can specify if the codes apply to One-time SKUs only, Subscriptions only, or Both. This enables you to create promo codes for subscription SKUs that are either directly managed in Shopify or through a 3rd party tool such as Recharge.

Please note, this integration only works if you are using Shopify Subscriptions and utilizing Shopify for orders and checkout. For more information on setting up subscriptions in Shopify, please see this help article.

For an overview of how to create a promo code offer for subscriptions in Aspire, please refer to this article.

Updated Settings Page

We've updated the settings page when creating or editing a Promo Code Offer. These changes will help you better identify the different aspects of your offer, such as Payouts, Naming, Discounts, etc.

Offer Level Edits

You can now edit Promo Code Offers even f you have already added members to it and generated codes. This update enables you to edit discount and commission values, purchase restrictions, and usage limits at any time. When editing an offer, the updates will affect future promo code redemptions only and not past purchases.

Please note, you can only change the payout and discount values, and not the payout structure or discount type itself. For example, if you select Percentage as the discount type, you can adjust the discount value from 10% to 20%, but you cannot change the discount type to Flat.

Unified vs. Custom Active Dates + Optional End Dates

One of the core changes we are making will improve how promo codes are grouped and displayed within your Shopify Discounts tab. Previously, for every batch of promo codes generated in Aspire, a new discount group was created in Shopify, making it hard to find individual codes.

Now, you have the option to select how you prefer to organize your promo codes. You can select the same active dates for all the codes in the offer or customize the dates for individual codes. This will affect how the codes are grouped in your Shopify Discounts tab.

  • If you select "Set unified dates for all codes", then the promo codes within this offer will be grouped under one Discount Group within Shopify and share the same active dates.

  • If you select "Customize dates for each code", then each individual promo code will have its own unique discount group within Shopify.

Additionally, it's now optional to set an End Date. You can still disable individual codes as needed.

If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to our Support Team by emailing [email protected].

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