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Brand Billing / Payment: Helpful Information
Brand Billing / Payment: Helpful Information

This article is a collection of helpful information on your Aspire billing and payments.

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This section provides valuable information regarding billing and payments for your Aspire account.

  • For questions related to payments or billing please contact [email protected]

  • ACH, Wire, Credit Card, and/or Checks are the only acceptable forms of payment

  • Payment processing times vary depending on the form of payment used (ACH/Wire guarantees fastest processing time)

  • Autopay is also available, contact [email protected] to set up now!

  • [email protected] can only assist with invoice / payment questions for brands, Creators should reach out to [email protected] for questions regarding payments.

  • To request a Creator Fund invoice please use the link found here: Link

  • Payment of the Creator Fund invoice must be made first prior to your platform balance being updated. Platform balances are updated based on the amount paid on the Creator Fund invoice

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