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How to Create Multiple Payout Options Within Offers
How to Create Multiple Payout Options Within Offers

Define multiple commission payout options within one sales tracking offer

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When creating a Link Tracking or Promo Code offer, you will see a “Manage Payouts” section. This is where you will define if members are eligible to earn commission on the sales/conversions they drive and if so, how much they will receive per conversion.

If you’re looking for more flexibility with your payout structures, you can set up multiple payout options, then assign different payout values to different creators within one offer and update the payout option for select creators at any time.

This feature enables you to offer influencers or affiliates the opportunity to graduate to different tiers based on their performance, number of followers, engagement, or any other criteria you decide. It also provides you with the flexibility to easily adjust creator’s commission values while a campaign is in flight so you can reward top performers.

In this article, we’ll review the payout types that Aspire supports and how to set up multiple payout options within one sales tracking offer.

Payout Types

Before we dive into setting up multiple payout options, it’s important to understand the payout types available to offer your members. Aspire currently supports 4 key types of commission payouts:

  1. Cost per Acquisition (CPA): This payout option provides a flat amount for each conversion. This type of payout is typically used for low value products, often with caps on total commissions, or can be used for non-sales offers, such as app downloads.

  2. Cost per Sale (CPS): This payout option provides a percentage of the order value for each conversion. This is the most popular option for scaled affiliate and seeding programs where creators can earn more commission as their content performs better.

  3. Cost per Acquisition + Cost per Sale (CPA + CPS): This payout option provides a flat amount for each commission plus a percentage of the order value. This type of payout is often used when you want to reward creators for bringing in traffic to your site and also for the conversion. Typically, the conversion/traffic is often set to a low value and is followed by a higher commission on actual sales. This model is popular with mid-tier and macro creators who want to earn commissions for driving traffic by including their affiliate link in their social profile bios.

  4. Cost per Click (CPC): This payout option provides a flat amount per unique click. The member earns a commission based on the number of clicks their link receives. Please note, CPC is only available for Link Tracking Offers.

How to Set Up Multiple Payout Options

When creating a new Link Tracking or Promo Code offer or editing an existing one, you will see a “Manage Payouts” section. This is where you will define the conversion type and payout options for this offer.

Once you’ve selected a Conversion Type, you must enter at least one payout option by filling out the following fields:

  • Label: Enter a short label to describe the payout option. Label names must be unique within each offer, but the same label name can be used across different offers.

    • Examples: Standard, VIP, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Value: Enter the commission value you wish to provide, or enter "0" if you won’t be offering commission

  • Type: Select the commission payout type for each option. For Promo Code offers, you may select different payout types for each payout option. For Link Tracking offers, you may only select one payout type per offer.

To change the commission payout type, click the current payout type in blue, then select a different type from the drop-down menu.

To create multiple payout options, simply click “Add Payout” at the bottom of the Manage Payouts section, then fill in the required fields. You may create up to 6 payout options per offer.

How to Manage Default Payouts

Once you have created multiple payout options, you can set a default option. The default payout option will be auto-selected when generating offers for members.

To choose a default option, click on the 3 dots next to the payout label, then select “Make Default Payout”.

To change the default payout option, simply click on the 3 dots next to the payout option you wish to assign as the new default, then click “Make Default Payout”.

You also have the ability to delete a payout option by clicking on the 3 dots next to the payout label, and then selecting “Remove”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many payout options can I add per Offer?

You may create up to 6 payout options per offer.

Can a payout type be modified if it has members already assigned to it?

Yes. All future conversions will immediately start using the updated payout values. Previous conversions and commission calculations will remain unchanged.

Will creators receive an automatic notification if we edit the payout values?

No, we will not send an automatic notification to members when an offer has been edited. If you edit a payout value and members exist within the offer, you will be prompted to notify members by composing a bulk message. This is optional, but highly recommended. Any changes will be reflected immediately in the member’s Creator Portal.

Can I change the order of payout options within an offer once they are added?

We do not currently support the ability to re-order payout options.

How will this affect existing sales tracking offers?

We will automatically update all existing offer payout values to the Default option with the label “Payout Value”. You may edit the label and change the default option per offer at any time by going to your offer settings.

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