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How to Sync Promo Code Offers to Multiple Shopify Stores
How to Sync Promo Code Offers to Multiple Shopify Stores

Enable promo code syncing to automatically create promo codes across multiple Shopify stores

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If you have multiple Aspire accounts to manage regional Shopify stores, you can now automatically sync your promo code offers to multiple stores to streamline your workflow and ensure a seamless customer experience. Keep reading to learn how!

Step 1: Enable Connected Shopify Stores

Before you enable promo code syncing, you must follow the directions below for each Aspire account that you plan to use for offer creation and promo code generation.

If you primarily use one account to manage all of your regions, then you only need to follow the steps below for your main account.

For example, if you have 3 Aspire accounts to manage your US, Canada, and UK Shopify stores, but you manage all collaborations through the US account and only use the other accounts to recreate promo codes, then you only need to set this up on your US account.


  1. Click on your initials in the top right corner and select “Integrations”.

  2. Select “Shopify” on the left-hand side menu.

  3. The Shopify store connected to the account you’re currently logged into will be labeled as your “Primary Shopify Account”. All other stores connected to Aspire will show up under “Connected Shopify Stores”.

  4. Enter a label to easily distinguish each store.

  5. Toggle off any stores that you do not wish to sync promo codes to.

Step 2: Create a Promo Code Offer

When creating a Promo Code Offer, you will see an option to sync the offer to your other connected Shopify stores. This is where you will decide if the promo codes generated through this offer should be created in your primary Shopify store only or additional connected stores.

When the toggle “Enable Sync” is turned on, you will see a list of the other Shopify stores you have previously connected to Aspire and turned on within your Integration Settings in Step 1.

By default, all stores will be selected. You may deselect stores as needed, but you must select at least one store if the toggle is turned on.

When syncing is enabled, you will see an additional option under the "Discount Type and Value" section to customize the discount value for each selected store.

  • If you select “Use the same Discount value across other Shopify Stores”, then the promo codes generated through this offer will be created with the same discount value in each Shopify store.

  • If you deselect this checkbox, you'll be able to customize the discount value per Shopify store.

Note: When promo code syncing is enabled, you may only select “Percentage” as the Discount type. Flat discounts are not supported at this time. In addition, synced offers cannot be restricted to certain collections.

When setting up the offer, you'll be able to choose between unified or custom active dates, which will affect how the codes are grouped within your Shopify stores.

  • If you select "Set unified dates for all codes", then all promo codes generated within the offer will be grouped under one Discount Group within your primary Shopify store and the connected store(s) that you synced the offer to.

  • If you select "Customize dates for each code", then each promo code will have its own unique discount group within your primary Shopify store and the connected store(s) that you synced the offer to.

Step 3: Generate Promo Codes

Once the offer has been created, you're ready to start generating promo codes. The codes will be created in your primary Shopify store and automatically synced to the connected store(s) that you have selected within your offer settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not seeing all of my Shopify stores when creating an Offer?

There are a few reasons why you might not see all of your Shopify stores when creating an offer:

  1. You have more than 5 Shopify stores connected to Aspire. At this time, a single offer can be synced to a maximum of 5 Shopify stores.

  2. You toggled OFF these stores under Integrations > Shopify within your Aspire account settings.

  3. Your Shopify store became disconnected from Aspire.

If you’re still not seeing all of your Shopify stores after checking the above, please contact our Support Team at [email protected] for assistance.

If one of our Shopify stores gets disconnected, what happens to existing Promo Code offers?

If a Shopify store becomes disconnected, we will no longer be able to track conversions for existing promo code offers on that store. In addition, the store will be unavailable to select from when setting up new offers.

Can I edit an existing offer to enable promo code syncing?

Yes. Once you've upgraded your existing offers, go to your "Offer Settings" and toggle on "Enable Sync". All existing promo codes will be synced to your other selected stores.

Within an offer, can I choose not to sync certain promo codes?

Not at this time. New promo codes generated within the offer will automatically sync to the other stores based on the offer settings.

When generating a promo code across multiple stores, what happens if the code already exists in one store?

If a promo code already exists in one of your Shopify stores, then the code will not be created in your other stores. You will receive a message prompting you to update the promo code name and try again.

Is it possible to select different payouts for different stores?

Not at this time. Payouts are calculated and managed at the offer level and will be the same for the member irrespective of which store the conversion takes place on. Aspire will automatically calculate the USD equivalent for each conversion and use that amount to calculate the payouts based on the member's payout settings.

Can the purchase type or additional settings be changed per store?

No. These settings are at the offer level and cannot be customized per store. Only the discount value can be customized per store.

When I edit an offer that has active members, can I change the store(s) included in the sync? Is it possible to add a new store and if so, will this apply to existing codes?

Yes. It is possible to edit an existing offer and change the list of stores included in the sync. If existing members belong to the offer, you will be prompted to confirm that the changes should be applied to existing members.

Once you confirm the changes, all existing codes within that offer will be refreshed and added to the new store(s) or deleted from the unselected store(s).

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