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Overview of Standard Briefs in Aspire
Overview of Standard Briefs in Aspire
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What is a Standard Brief

Standard Briefs are an easy-to-understand guide between the brand and the member. It provides an overview of the content requirements, due dates, and other collaboration details that will help ensure that all parties involved have a shared understanding of the project expectations.

What is included in the Standard Briefs

Deliverables with Due Dates

Establish due dates for creators to submit their content for review, and specify when it needs to be posted and made live in Aspire.

Content and Caption Guidelines

Outline the specific content you want to see, along with the caption guidelines for the post. This could include product features to highlight, specific messaging or hashtags to use, and any other creative directions.

Follow the steps here to easily set up content guidelines.

Compensation Terms

Specify the compensation terms for the project. Choose from Payment, Free Product, Commission, or No Compensation. Then, provide details about the selected compensation method.

Usage Rights and Ad Access

Define the usage rights the brand will have over the content created. This includes how long the brand can use the content, and in what contexts or channels it can be used. Additionally, request permissions for Paid Partnership ads or Allowlisting from creators, and determine the duration of access needed.

What do briefs look like

Click HERE for a sample Standard Brief.

Other Options

Add additional Terms & Conditions

These are a Terms of Service style agreement where creators Check and Agree to a standard set of language in addition to their collaboration briefs. This is great to use when you have mostly boilerplate language that creators need to agree to in addition to their briefs. This will apply to all standard briefs that are sent and cannot be customized per project at this time.

Set up Special Terms and Conditions by following this guide.

Send Contracts through our Docusign Integration

Send contracts to creators using our docusign (formerly hellosign) integration!

Here’s how.

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