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Sales Tracking Glossary of Terms

What do certain sales tracking terms mean?

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Here’s a comprehensive list of common terms you’ll find within Aspire's Sales Tracking dashboard.


A click is counted when a user arrives to your website via a member's sales tracking link.


A commission is the reward a member will receive when they drive a conversion. This can be calculated depending on the amount of the conversion (percentage based), or a fixed reward.


A conversion is what is tracked when a user arrives on a page with a conversion tracking script. This can be any important event in the customer journey, such as:

  • Conversions (aka sales): when a customer completes a purchase

  • Lead generation: typically, when a customer lands on your homepage or a product page

  • Email submit(s): customers who make it to the email signup confirmation page

  • Downloads: customers who download a guide or other materials and make it to the download confirmation page

Conversion Tracking

This setting tells our system how to track clicks and conversions for your offers. For an overview of the tracking methods we support, please see this article.

Deep Link

Deep links are the common term for URLs that link directly to a page, such as a product page, rather than a general landing page.


Also known as an affiliate, partner, creator or publisher. This is a community member within your Aspire database who promotes your products or promotions.


Our Sales Tracking feature is based on a core concept called “offers", which are promotions of products or services that your members will drive traffic to. Before you can generate links or codes, you'll need to create an offer within your Sales Tracking dashboard.

Offer Name

This is the name of the product or promotion for this offer. We recommend giving your offer a clear name that your members will understand. For example, "{Brand Name} Fall Campaign 20% Off Code".

Offer URL

This is the URL where traffic will be redirected when a user clicks on a member's link.

Offer Expiration Date

This is the date when the offer expires.

Payout Options

This setting lets you choose your commission payment method and amount.

  • Cost per Conversion (CPA): Flat amount earned per successful conversion (or similar action)

  • Cost per Sale (CPS): Percentage amount earned of total sales from conversions

  • Cost per Conversion + Cost per Sale (CPA + CPS): Both of the above combined

  • Cost per Click (CPC): Flat amount earned per unique click


A postback is the exchange of information between servers to report a user's action on a website, network, or app. For more information on postback tracking, please see this article.


A pixel is a tiny snippet of code that is loaded when a user visits a webpage. When a customer clicks on a member’s unique link and purchases something, the pixel will load and communicate the sales amount back to Aspire. Then, Aspire associates the sale with that specific offer and member. You only need to add a pixel when creating link tracking offers, not promo codes.

Promo Code Unique Naming Strategy

This setting enables you to choose how our system should auto-generate promo codes for your members. For example, if you select "Use Instagram Username", we will automatically generate a unique code using the member's Instagram handle.

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