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How to Generate Deep Links on Aspire
How to Generate Deep Links on Aspire

Deep Links assist in linking to a specific product page rather than a general landing page

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What are deep links?

Deep links are the common term for URLs that link directly to a page, such as a product page, rather than a general landing page. For example:

When doing sales or conversion tracking, you may want your creators to direct their audience to specific pages or products on your website. You can do this by creating deep links!

How do I create deep links?

You'll first need to create a Link Tracking offer within your Sales Tracking dashboard, then you can link the Offer to a project. Once you add a member to the Offer through Sales Tracking or by generating a link within your project workflow, you'll see the option to add a deep link per creator.

Using the "Generate Sales Links" stage of your project workflow:

  1. Select the members you wish to create links for, then click "Create Sales Links".

  2. There will be a field next to each member's name called "Deep Link", where you can enter the URL you want their link to redirect to.

πŸ“Œ Important Note: If you are only using Aspire for Sales Tracking and Affiliate marketing, your deep links domain should match the destination URL. However, if you are integrating with another partner (e.g. Impact, ShareASale, Awin), your destination domain can be different.

​Using the Sales Tracking Dashboard:

You can also generate deep links when adding members to an Offer from your Sales Tracking dashboard directly. It will follow a similar flow, where you can add the URL for each deep link per member.

⚠️ We do not currently support editing or updating a deep link after it has been created.

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