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Sales Tracking Offer Enhancements

Introducing multiple payout options and the flexibility to edit offers per member

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As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our sales tracking capabilities to help you drive ROI at scale, we are excited to announce the following features for Sales Tracking offers:

  • Multiple Payout Options: Set up multiple commission payout options within an offer and easily move members from one level to another.

  • Ability to Edit Offers per Member: Edit the commission payout value and other settings for an individual member or set of members from your project workflow, Sales Tracking dashboard, and within member profiles.

  • Enhanced Reporting: View a summary of conversions or the data associated with individual conversions to optimize campaign performance.

Keep reading for an overview of these new features! ✨

Multiple Payout Options

When creating a Link Tracking or Promo Code offer, you will see a Commission & Payout section. This is where you will define if members are eligible for any commissions for the sales/conversions they drive and if so, how much they are going to receive for each conversion generated.

Previously, you could only select one payout option per offer and if you edited the payout value, it would apply to all members in the offer. Now, if you’re looking for more flexibility with your payout structures, you can assign different payout values to different members and update the payout options for select members at any time. 🎉

With this release, we are adding the following capabilities:

  • Ability to define multiple payout options within one offer

  • Ability to select a payout option when adding a member or set of members to an offer

  • Ability to set a default payout option per offer

For more information on setting up multiple payout options, please see this help article.

Edit Offers For Members

We recently launched the ability to edit an offer, which applies the new offer settings to all members within that offer. This provides you the flexibility to adjust discount or commission values during site-wide promotions, for example. We’re iterating on this release by introducing the ability to edit offers for individual members or a specific set of members. These edits can be made from your Sales tracking dashboard, any project stage, or by going to a member's profile.

Below are the core actions you’ll be able to perform for members after they’ve been added to an offer:

  • Edit payout values: Increase a member’s commission from 10% to 15%, or change a member’s payout structure from cost per click to percentage of sales.

  • Activate or deactivate offers: Bulk activate or deactivate promo codes and/or links.

  • Refresh promo code names: Update promo code names and re-issue promo codes to specific members if you detect a promo code leak or need to change a code to accommodate a creator’s request for a particular code name.

  • Change Active dates: Update the expiration date for individual promo codes.

Check out the following help articles for more information:

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

We've optimized our reporting dashboards so you can iterate on campaigns based on creator performance to drive more sales and maximize ROI.

  • Offer Update History: Keep track of all the changes made to an offer by viewing an offer's update history.

  • Conversion Reports: Review conversion data at the offer level or member level within an offer. You'll be able to see the order date, sale amount, commission earned, Order ID, and more.

If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to our Support Team by emailing [email protected].

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